The Best Ever Solution to Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons in Windows 10

The main mouse buttons as well as the trackpad buttons support the right users. This is useful in view of the fact that up to 90% of the world’s population is false. So everything– or at least the main version of everything – is designed in such a way that false-handed people are the most user-friendly. Nonetheless, you can configure the mouse so that you can adjust the positions of the buttons. You can understand this guide.

There are two buttons in a cursor. The left cursor button is used for selecting or dragging items around the window. It’s best known as the Options button on the right mouse. This is most widely used for displaying behaviors on a selected object. They work together for most of what we do on computers without the input of a keyboard.

You may use the mouse and trackpad buttons to fit better on your right hand- or even if you are ambidextrous or cross dominant. That doesn’t suggest, though, that liberal consumers can’t amuse themselves. Lately, specialized mices can be purchased, but not always cheaply, that reverse left and right functions. Many of them even have an on-the-fly button switch.

The fact remains, though, that most people with sinistry (i.e. left) are forced to turn to the right by using a cursor. Maybe they improve with time and learn to use your right hand as a natural right-hander to guide the cursor. At least, the initial steps are still uncomfortable and awkward. Some use their left hands, however, because the cursor is set up, which doesn’t work so well.

The good news is that you need not splurge the hand with a special cursor. You can simply set a window setting which allows you to set the right-click selection feature and the left-click menu option. Yeah, yeah? In other words, by rotating the primary and secondary keys, you can render the cursor left. Now we can check how to change this,

Switch Left and Right Mouse Button Functions from Settings App

  • To open the Settings app, click on the Windows+ I key combination.
  • On the left side, press the Mouse button. On the left side of the “Pick your primary button” row, you can pick Left or Right.

  • Open the Settings button when you’re finished.
  • This move is immediately getting effective

Switch Left and Right Mouse Button Functions from Control Panel

  • In the Large Icons view, open the Control Panel and press Mouse.
  • The function “Convert primary and secondary keys” is unchecked by default. If you are left and want to change the main mouse button to the right one, just press and click OK.

  • Now you can test whether the left or right click of the mouse works as you expect to.
  • Press OK.

Switch Left and Right Mouse Button Functions from Registry Editor

  • Open the Registration Editor, and move to HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Mouse
  • Double-clicking on the SwapMouseButtons entry is done in the right-hand panel and its values will depend on what button you would use.

  • 0 = Set left mouse button as primary
  • 1 = Set right mouse button as primary.
  • Close Registry Editor when done. Before the changes take effect, you need to log off or restart Windows.

Sum Up –

The world around us is extremely focused on the right, so you tend to use your right hand from pencils to electronic devices.  This trick will certainly help you turn around your keyboard. We can easily change everything from this panel.

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