How To Setup A Perfect WiFi Repeater With Your Android Phone

Android operating system is a mobile operating system that was developed by Google to be primarily used for touch screen devices, cell devices and tablets. Wi-Fi why is the name of famous wireless technology which is seen all over the world, that uses radio waves to provide wireless high speed internet and network connection. The Wi-Fi repeater are the device which functions as a boosting system for the wireless network system. This device in common nowadays because of weak Wi-Fi signals.

The fact is that the transmitted Wi-Fi signals from the router is very good, but due to the obstructions all around the signals gets weak this is replaced by repeater. The device takes the signal transmitted by The router and amplifies it to our devices, in which we use Wi-Fi. Long before we need to purchase the Wi-Fi repeaters for all this process. But now the technology has changed further, we can use this in our Android phone. The Android phone itself stands as a repeater. This is actually a high leep of advantage.

When we are using Wi-Fi in our laptop from a router but unfortunately the place where we using the laptop has very low Wi-Fi signal, in this case we can keep our Android phone in between these two as a Wi-Fi repeater. Thus, we can use our devices far from the routers without reducing the net Wi-Fi signal. Now let’s check how to make our android device to Wi-Fi repeater. Firstly, we have to check our mobile because some android mobilehave this feature inbuilt or otherwise we have to use it by default or manual method.

The mobile having Wi-Fi sharing option can easily share Wi-Fi and work as a repeater. This is not actually seen in all the Android devices but the latest devices has this feature. By manually we have to download some application from the Google Play Store and use the sharing of Wi-Fi. In this article we are going to discuss about some of such applications;

Netshare-No-Root Tethering

This is known as the king of Wi-Fi repeater. It is the one of the most downloaded application from the Google Play Store. It works in almost all the Android devices. But when the VPN connection with the Wi-Fi direct combines the connection gets slow, but still it’s much fine in all the sections of browsing.

  • Download “Netshare-no-root Application” from Play Store.
  • Open it, click on “Share Internet Connection” tab and enable the Wi-Fi.
  • The name of the new Wi-Fi network that is transmitted from your phone will be the Network Name displayed in the app. But here must be noted that you cannot change the “Network Name” or the “Network Password”. The password is Wi-Fi key.
  • Connect to internet, but in some cases it shows errors due to the proxy setting.
  • If you are using the Wi-Fi repeater in windows of PC change proxy setting control panel > network and internet > internet option and connection. Click on “LAN setting” option given below.
  • Manually change the address in the box – and 8282 in Port box.
  • Then it will easily get connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The device acts as a Wi-Fi reader and get connected to a PC as Wi-Fi. Actually this application is a paid one but we will get a free version for certain days with limited features.

VPN Hotspot- Tethering And Wi-Fi Repeater

This is one of the other famous with Wi-Fi repeater. It has been used by more than millions globally. It has an advantage of connecting things that don’t support VPN like Chrome castes and settings. It ensures you a fast and secure Wi-Fi sharing.

Wi-Fi Route Manager

It is an easy application with more advantages and features. It acts as a Wi-Fi manager and can identify the people who uses our repeater, protect powerful Wi-Fi manager, the route from smartphone, scan Wi-Fi and it is one of the most efficient WiFi repeater giving application into date because of its managing capacity.

Net Share

It is another application which is exactly like net share no root tethering. The causes and steps of nature application is same to this application. The main feature of nature application is that it can easily connect to any devices and the processing steps a simple.

In case of any error occurs while connecting to internet we have to change the proxy setting like the above application, that is:

Address in box –
Port number – 44355

Bottom line –

The Wi-Fi reader is one of the best example for the first Wi-Fi network. It’s simply acts as an booster for amplifier when it stands between router and device. Currently Android phones can be changed into to the Wi-Fi router. It is one of the most easy and cheapest method to amplify your Wi-Fi signal. It is one of the high tech invention.

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